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Our Rooms
Read everything you need to know about our rooms
Completely Private, with your own door and keys, Fully furnished bedrooms for rent immediately
The rooms are private inside a new 2br renovated apartments, with kitchen and bathroom access

* Cable TV Wifi Ready
* All Utilities included
* Short term or Long term
* No Credit, No Contracts
* Students are welcome
* Visitors are welcome
* Laundry facilities
* Kitchen and Bathroom
* Wifi Internet ready
* Weekly or Monthly
* Singles or Couples
* Pets are welcome
* We have different sizes
* Brownstone and Private Houses
* Hardwood floor and Regular Floor
* No Deposits Required
Below you will find pictures with previously rented rooms, Click on any image to enlarge it

100 % Guaranteed Placement, Our rooms are ready immediately !

Apply to rent one of our rooms today !

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